Entry #1

This Lazy Asshole

2013-09-01 11:31:18 by Halien

This lazy asshole is the worst person on the planet. I've ceased to take requests, nor am I going to be able to do any current ones due to some complications, complications that have prevented me from being on here and getting some art done. I'm so sorry for any inconveniences this has caused, it's a douche thing to do on my part. Perhaps I could get into doing requests later on down the road, but not anytime soon. Once again, I'm so, very sorry. :c


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2013-09-01 13:46:19

It's quite alright. Us lazy people KNOW we can do cool stuff whenever we want, except we're just so lazy!

Halien responds:

I would do more, definitely, but school has been HUURGH. Also, my art room isn't air conditioned, so I don't dare to go out there in this weather. D: So I just pretend I'm a productive person, lol.


2013-09-01 21:13:59

Don't feel the shame. I'm too lazy to draw one simple person.

Halien responds:

I feel the shame, it runs deeper than the ocean or whatever the hell runs deep. Madness Day is coming fast, though. Maybe I'll be a little more productive. |D


2016-04-07 16:49:32

I know how you feel, I hate when I am too lazy to draw, but when I actually get into it I dont stop for hours